Project Management – The vision

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

Ybotvinik provides all aspects of a successful project execution with a full-service electronic product development focusing on creating innovative leading industry products.

Ybotvinik committed to upholding the superior standards of excellence to bring our customers the Highest Quality Products and service. Quality assurance and management under ISO9001 and AS9100 is one of the many tools used to monitor and insure project are done in the most effective way.

Ybotvinik established Partners Network to accommodate all needs of electronic design and manufacturing as a Industry leading Group.

What Ybotvinik DO

Ybotvinik provides Full-service for electronic product development From Idea to Production. Project execution for the Military, Telecom, Automotive and consumer markets projects. Professional electronic engineering Start to End Solution from design to full production. Leading R&D teams to successful design along with Quality program planning and management for IPC 610 Class III Production.

Full Turn Key Solution

The P.D.C.A Module
Ybotvinik exercise the P.D.C.A Module (Plan–Do–Check–Act) our projects are executed according to Predefined Project and Quality program.
R&D Team management
Team leading it’s all about assigning qualified personal to the task in hand, coordinating and manging and eliminating and risks.
Quality Assurance in project management
By understanding that Q/A is a tool for the project and not a liability using this tool will help to reduce risks and insure the best quality project with excellent chances to become a successful project
By pinpoint our customer needs it is possible to produce successful project with the following key benefits:
Time to market with Full Product Design Solution, Electronic and Mechanical, Highest quality from design to production using Cutting Edge Technology in design, simulation and verification tools to produce the best possible results.